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The story of the Tampa Girl cigars goes back to the 1920's. At that time the Tampa cigar industry was in a transition between hand made and machine made cigars. Mr. Antonio Fisher came to Tampa from Philadelphia, looking for a cigar to be presented to the northern market. As a major cigar distributor his company was in need of something special in design and blend.

The idea was presented to Mr. Benny Quintana Gonzalez, a puertorican cigar manufacturer that at the time he was also interested in creating a new line of cigars for his new factory in West Tampa. Both Gonzalez and Fisher worked together creating a partnership, and a few months later the idea was presented to the George Schlegel, Lithography, Co. who created the design that we all know today. At the end of the first year (10 month) the company was producing over half a million cigars. By 1925 the production was 240,000 a month or 2.4 millions a year.

The company in charge of the production was Gonzalez Habano Co., a partnership with Mr. A. Fisher, that lasted until 1933, when the line of cigars changed from hand made to machine production in order to accommodate the market demand during the depression years. At the time a new label design was created. Decades later the production and the labels were discontinued becoming a legend in the Tampa Cigar industry.

Today in 2007, after being retired for over half a century, the company that manufactured this fine and historical cigar, Gonzalez Habano Cigar Co. has decided at long last to resume production of the famous original label in the exact fashion and blend that they were made in the 1920's, therefore Tampa Girl is back Soon!!!


Note: Tampa Girl cigars will be available online at www.cigarsoftampa.com in a limited edition.They are exclusively from Gonzalez Habano Cigar Co. You can also call our service center and place your order, or buy direct in our store.


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